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Our Mission: Provide customers 

with new value that keeps them a step ahead of the times

Itoki was founded in 1890 as Osaka-based Itoki
Shoten, aiming to popularize the inventions and
patented products of the day. Ever since, we
have remained successful by delivering value
ahead of the changing times. Last year, Itoki
celebrated the 125th anniversary of its founding.
We owe this long history to the unwavering
support of a host of stakeholders, including our
shareholders, investors, local communities and

Itoki provides numerous products and services
centered on the places and spaces where people
gather and work. In this sense, we have a heritage
of helping our customers grow and develop—
this is how we assist them and contribute to
society. This spirit is imbued in the DNA that has
sustained Itoki over the past 125 years.
The rapid changes taking place in today’s business
environment highlight the importance of our
mission: we see it as our social responsibility to
proactively provide our customers with new value
that keeps them a step ahead of the times.
Corporate Profile

Founded: 1890

Incorporated: 1950

Head Offices: Tokyo & Osaka


    Parent: 1,897 (as of December 2014)

    Consolidated: 3,225

2015 Sales: 106,516 M Yen ($968M as of $1=110 Yen)

Subsidiaries: 16

Tokyo                                 Osaka


Innovation Center


Business Domains


In addition to enhancing productivity and efficiency, organizations are looking to generate value by providing environments that also encourage sensitivity and creativity. In addition to providing creative workspaces, ITOKI offers customers office spaces that take security measures into consideration and strike a good balance between safety and ease of working.

Public Spaces
Public Spaces

Public spaces present a number of challenges, such as the need to extend hospitality to the people who use and occupy these spaces, while also requiring safety and reliability. ITOKI addresses these requirements with an extensive range of solutions for providing attractive spaces and atmospheres that optimize functionality across a host of facilities.

Home Furniture
Home Furniture

We enhance the lives of our customers by developing and producing products tailored to diverse lifestyles. These include student desks and other children’s furniture, den and SOHO furniture to encourage concentration on the task at hand, and living and dining furniture for families.


We provide a wide range of system equipment that meets customers’ needs precisely. These include factories and logistics facilities, where safety and functionality is at a premium, special doors requiring advanced technology and reliability, and information security systems that employ biometrics and IC cards.

Building Materials
Building Materials

In addition to free-access floors and mobile and movable partitions, ITOKI offers a lineup of highly seismically resistant partitions designed to its own standards. We help to create a variety of spaces by combining superb design aesthetics with careful attention to workmanship and functionality.


We have adopted a new business model of working with local partners to develop, produce and sell products tailored to local needs as we work to expand our business in the Asian, North American and European markets. Our “joyten” brand for overseas markets, which is produced locally for local sale, is a key part of our contribution to creating office spaces overseas

In addition to office spaces, ITOKI helps to create the various environments that envelop people, including public and personal spaces. 


ITOKI also offers system equipment that is safe and highly reliable, and design materials that improve spatial functionality. By creating partnerships with companies overseas, we are expanding our business abroad.